Our Story

Grace City Church in Irvine, California



In 2013, our pastor, who was in North Carolina, began to feel God's call to start a new church in Irvine, CA. He was drawn to Irvine specifically because of the diversity of the city and its massive growth in population. As he read about people moving to Irvine from all over the world, his heart was challenged to plant another church to reach these individuals with the Gospel of Jesus. After much prayer, counsel, and deliberation, he and his family committed to making the cross-country move. In the months to follow, he approached several other families about joining the "Launch Team" for Grace City Church. Amazingly, 3 other families accepted the invitation and began making preparations to move to Southern California.

Grace City Church officially launched in the Fall of 2016. Since that time, we have seen God birth a beautiful multi-ethnic community of people who are passionate about sharing the grace of Jesus with the city of Irvine. Initially, the church met at Woodbury Elementary School. However, we outgrew this space after a year and a half and moved in the summer of 2018 to Jeffrey Trail Middle School. This move has enabled us to continue to grow and reach more people in our city.